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Special Programs

Guaranteed Admissions Program

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s Guaranteed Admit Program (GA) is for outstanding high school seniors who have been admitted to the University of Pittsburgh as undergraduates and are interested in attending the University’s medical school after completing their undergraduate degrees.

Students meeting the required criteria will receive initial notification of their eligibility to apply for the guarantee program by the undergraduate Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, and then be asked by the School of Medicine via e-mail to submit additional information in support of their candidacy. Students selected on the basis of their submissions will subsequently be invited for an interview by the School of Medicine. Interviews take place in March.

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Early Decision Program

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine offers an Early Decision Program (EDP).  This program is intended for those applicants who are sure that the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is their first choice when pursuing their medical education.  

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Summer Premedical Academic Enrichment Program (SPAEP) with the opportunity of Early Assurance

The School of Medicine offers a seven-week residential Summer Premedical Academic Enrichment Program. This summer program is open to college sophomores who have completed Biology 1&2, Chemistry 1&2 (with labs) and accrued 60 credits with a science GPA of 3.6. SPAEP is designed specifically to prepare and support talented and motivated students who wish to pursue careers in the profession of medicine.  The program targets applicants who are traditionally underrepresented in medicine with particular emphasis on those with disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

Program participants will spend seven weeks strengthening academic skills and enhancing their knowledge in science, scientific writing and public speaking through enrollment enrolled in two non-credit courses MedBio and Med English. They will also learn more about careers in medicine.  Participants will enjoy our small group learning environment that allows for one on one attention in a challenging and stimulating environment of a major academic medical center.

Students who attend the first summer of SPAEP and meet program requirements will be invited to rejoin the program for a second summer of research, career and professional development.  At that time, eligible participants will be permitted to apply for Early Assurance through SPAEP to the UPSOM. The Early Assurance Through SPAEP is a multi-summer residential program leading to matriculation at UPSOM.  For more information regarding the summary of requirements for Early Assurance through SPAEP, please contact the Office of Diversity Affairs at 412-648-8987.


Transfer Applicants

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine offers limited opportunities for admissions with advanced standing. Advanced-standing or transfer applications will be considered only for entry into the third-year class. Applications are reviewed individually, with a preference given to candidates who have a compelling need to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the large number of returning third year students, transfer students will not be considered for the 2017-2018 academic year.

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Linkage Program

The Linkage Program is a post-baccalaureate program between the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the following institutions:

  • Bryn Mawr College
  • Goucher College
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Pittsburgh (Biomedical Sciences Master's Program)
  • Scripps College
  • University of Virginia
  • Johns Hopkins University

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The Medical Scientist Training Program

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) provides medical students who wish to pursue a career in biomedical research the opportunity to undertake doctoral work at either the University of Pittsburgh or Carnegie Mellon University in one of the participating programs in basic science, engineering, or public health and complete both degrees in an average of seven to eight years.
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Clinical Scientist Training Program

The Clinical Scientist Training Program (CSTP) has changed, such that applicants are considered in their 3rd year of medical school.  Incoming students will not be considered for this program; this decision was made so that the students will have a more solid basis in regard clinical and research interest prior to entering the program.  See more about the CSTP> 

Physician Scientist Training Program

The Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) is a five-year program for exceptionally talented students who, in addition to the regular curriculum, undertake two summers and a dedicated year of laboratory-based research training as well as enrichment courses to prepare for careers in academic medicine. See more about the PSTP> 

Our Mission

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is to improve the health and well-being of individuals and populations through cutting-edge biomedical research, innovative educational programs in medicine and biomedical science, and leadership in academic medicine.