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Jason Sanders, MD/PhD Candidate, Class of 2012

Framingham, Mass.
I also spent my summers in a small town in Maine, where I learned how to live like an outdoorsman, sail, kayak, and boil lobsters. The lobsters were unhappy with this

Boston University is my alma mater. I was a biochemistry and molecular biology major and minored in philosophy and public health. Why? Because they are awesome and interesting. You can use a drug, ethics, or epidemiology to save the world.

Favorite food in Scaife cafeteria
Peanut butter cup fat-free frozen yogurt. Favorite place in Pittsburgh? Phipps Conservatory has exotic plants in the largest Victorian hothouse this side of the Atlantic. It’s actually great for studying, people watching, and enticing a would-be significant other.

Favorite thing about Pitt Med
I am surrounded by motivated, capable, intelligent, creative, and amiable friends who push me to do more with my life and to experience many new things. I’m at an institution with unparalleled research that provides phenomenal clinical exposure even during my first year, and doesn’t shortchange the patient-doctor relationship. I’ve had meaningful mentorship since I arrived. All this situated in a fun, livable, green, relaxed city. It’s more than I hoped for.

Favorite educational experience at Pitt Med
Course: gross anatomy with Dr. Jack Schumann. Overall: getting into clinic after only one semester of school, armed with the knowledge of how to do a full history and physical.

Summer plans after MS1
I’m an MD/PhD student, so I’m shackled to the University. I’ll be in Pittsburgh doing research but I’ll also be living the good life with my friends.

Places traveled
England, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Alaska (it’s far enough away to count).

Favorite ice cream flavor
Mint chocolate chip. Japanese restaurants serve a mean ginger ice cream, though. But Indian joints sometimes have rosewater kulfi. Decisions… .

Why you chose Pitt Med
See “Favorite thing about Pitt Med?” above. I was a PhD student at Pitt before I matriculated into the MD/PhD program. I found out all this stuff while researching the school and becoming friends with medical students. Also, I’m interested in combining medicine and public health. Pitt has one of the only, and one of the strongest, MD/PhD programs that allows one to get a PhD in a powerful, accredited Graduate School of Public Health.

Favorite movie and superhero
Movie: too difficult. Superhero: Ironman or Batman. Favorite food? Being from New England, I’m going to say a hearty dose of fish and chips with pepper fries. Favorite thing to do when not studying? Hang out with my friends and be ridiculous. Favorite Pitt Med memory thus far? Performing in Mr. PittMed and making a fool of myself in front of friends, faculty, and strangers. We raised $2,085 for pediatric HIV in Kenya. Not bad.

Our Mission

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is to improve the health and well-being of individuals and populations through cutting-edge biomedical research, innovative educational programs in medicine and biomedical science, and leadership in academic medicine.