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Matthew Stull, Class of 2010

Matthew Stull

Pittsgrove, N.J.
I’m from a county in Jersey where cows outnumber people. Surprised? It’s called the “Garden State” for a reason!.

I went to a small liberal arts school in central PA called Bucknell University. I majored in biology and psychology. It was a spectacular four years that I wouldn’t have traded for anything!

Career Plans
The thrill, the rush, the excitement of Emergency Medicine is definitely for me! Also, I really want to teach at a medical school, what could be cooler than helping people obtain lifelong dreams of becoming doctors?!?

Favorite place in Pittsburgh
The view from the Mt. Washington incline is absolutely breathtaking. In my opinion there is no better skyline than Pittsburgh’s and you can take it all in from the top of Mt. Washington.

Favorite course at Pitt Med
This is a tough one because there are so many that I have enjoyed. My clinical clerkship experiences have been amazing. I really had a great time in the ED, but I’m biased since that’s what I want to do when I grow up. I’ll definitely never forget the first baby I delivered on Ob/Gyn. It was both thrilling and moving to help bring a new life into the world. Plus, I tried to get the parents to name the kid after me…hey, it was worth a try!

What did you do the summer after your MS-I year
After my first-year at PittMed I spent the summer in the UPMC Presby ED recruiting subject for a study I helped design looking at neurocognitive assessment after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. It was awesome! I got to be in the ED every day getting clinical experience while seeing a clinical research project from start to finish.

Favorite food in Scaife cafeteria
Wow…this is a tough one, but I would definitely have to say the Friday mac ‘n cheese takes the cake.

Favorite ice cream flavor
Mint chocolate chip…but it has to be green, otherwise how could you tell it was mint?

Favorite thing to do when you’re not studying
I’m a huge movie buff and the winters in Pittsburgh really lend themselves to days on the couch watching a couple good movies. But during spring and summers when it really gets nice I’ve picked up kayaking as a new hobby, and what better city than the place with three rivers?!?

Favorite place to study
PBL Room 506. I know, it’s kind of weird, but that’s where I studied every day for Step I of my boards. It almost became my own little habitat for those few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely went home and saw the light of day, but that for some reason seems to be the place I can focus best.

Why did you choose Pitt Med
I made up my mind after attending Pitt Med’s Second Look Weekend in the spring. It was such a good time. After meeting upperclassman, faculty, and especially many of the people who would soon be my classmates, I realized that the experience could not be replicated elsewhere. Somehow, Pitt Med was able to pull together people from all over the country from totally different walks of life who have a common goal. After seeing the sheer diversity of the people who make up this community, it was a no-brainer!

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