International Opportunities

Summer Abroad

The summer between the first and second year is 'free' time for our students. Many chose to do research during this period, as this is a great time to get a jump start on the Longitudinal Research Project (LRP). The UPSOM Alumni Association awards Summer Enrichment Scholarships to support projects involving care and/or clinical research in underserved populations. These scholarships have helped support student projects in Kenya, Malawi, India, and China, as well as other sites. 

Rotation Abroad

The University of Pittsburgh prepares students to become leaders in global health through rigorous research-based curricula, fellowships, and fieldwork. The Center for Global Health provides a unifying framework for global health research and scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh. The mission is to effectively address health issues around the world.

Our medical students have supported this mission by participating in global health electives around the world. These experiences have taken our students to all corners of the globe, including electives at the University of Ghana Medical School; Tenwek Hospital East Africa; Shoulder to Shoulder (Honduras); Himalayan Health Exchange; Surgicorps International (Vietnam); Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility; and ISMETT (Palermo, Italy).                                                                

UPMC International Facilities

Spanning the globe and continuing to grow, UPMC is creating an international medical, research, and academic network to provide patients around the globe with access to world-class health care closer to home.