Your Interview

When we receive your completed supplemental application, we will review your credentials in considering whether to interview you. All interview offers are made via e-mail (to your preferred email address listed in your AMCAS application), and you will not be admitted to the school without an interview.

We receive over 7,000 applications for 148 spots in each class. Obviously, we cannot interview everyone; only those candidates we believe best match our program are extended an invitation to interview.

After your interview, the Admissions Committee will notify you by mail whether you have been accepted, not accepted, or placed on the wait-list for admission starting February 19th. 

Your Interview Day

Due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, UPSOM will be conducting all interviews for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle remotely.

The UPSOM begins extending invitations to interview by early August and will continue extending invitations until early January.

The interview season begins September 15, 2020 and concludes January 29, 2021. Our interview experience will have both synchronous and asynchronous components.   The synchronous interviews will occur through our proprietary AMPUP platform and the asynchronous component will be utilizing AAMC Video Iinterview Tool for Admissions (VITA).

Synchronous Interviews are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The total time commitment will be approximately four hours with structured breaks between events beginning at 10:00 AM EST for the MD program. The events consist of a greeting & explanation of the process, a faculty interview, a current medical student interview and a team exercise. Once invited to interview, applicants applying for the MD program are given the opportunity to select the available interview day that is most convenient for their schedule. Applicants selected to interview for the Medical Scientist Training Program will be emailed seperately about interview date, the process of interviewing and the interview format.

We encourage applicants invited to interview with us to review our Best Practices for Virtual Interviews.