The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has a well-developed curricular infrastructure that combines a lecture- and problem-based curriculum with early and in-depth clinical experiences and an integrated organ systems approach to the preclinical sciences. You can read more about the educational opportunities at Pitt Med and recent student stories in the UPSOM Annual Report

Curriculum Descriptions

Curriculum architecture, courses, clerkships, areas of concentration, and elective experiences:

Learning Objectives

The curriculum of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is intended to foster the development of the competencies that the faculty considers to be essential for attainment of the MD degree and for graduates to enter the next stage of professional training.

Learning Objectives of the MD Curriculum »

UPSOM Curriculum Committee

The curriculum committee of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is comprised of faculty and students who work together to fulfill the charter of this committee to monitor, govern, and maintain the currency of the four-year curriculum.

In-Depth Study & Research Opportunities

The UPSOM offers medical students a wide range of options for pursuing a deeper study of an area of interest.

Training in Primary Care

The UPSOM curriculum includes in-depth experiences in primary care within both required and elective portions of the curriculum.