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"At the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, we want applicants who will make exceptional doctors. We try very hard to achieve a class that is diverse in regard to academic, socioeconomic, experiential, and ethnic background. Since our curriculum includes considerable time spent in small-group learning, we look for students interested in collegial relationships with peers and faculty. Lastly, we want our students to enjoy a full, rich life while they are here at medical school, so we are attracted to candidates who have a variety of interests in addition to medicine."

Beth Piraino, MD, Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Lola Adebiyi, Class of 2021

"The school has a vast variety of opportunities, while I consider what area of medicine is a fit for me." Read more about Lola's life at Pitt Med.

Humza Ahmed, Class of 2020

"Couldn't imagine being anywhere else." Read more about Humza's life at Pitt Med.

Helene Altmann, Class of 2024

"The Pitt medicine community is extremely supportive and friendly." Read more about Helene's life at Pitt Med.

Victoria Humphrey, Class of 2021

"The global presence of the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC also drew me in." Read more about Victoria's life at Pitt Med.

Ronak Jani, Class of 2019

"Applicants often think about Pitt's strength in research, but its vast clinical resources are second to none." Read more about Ronak's life at Pitt Med.

Ahmed Jorge, Class of 2020

"I am always impressed by the gamut of backgrounds in my class!" Read more about Ahmed's life at Pitt Med.

Amanda Morrison, Class of 2019

"I consider Pitt Med to be welcoming, relaxed, yet hardworking and full of opportunity." Read more about Amanda's life at Pitt Med.

Katherine Orr, Class of 2021

"Overall, I find Pitt Med to be a warm and supportive community." Read more about Katherine's life at Pitt Med.