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"At the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, we want applicants who will make exceptional doctors. We try very hard to achieve a class that is diverse in regard to academic, socioeconomic, experiential, and ethnic background. Since our curriculum includes considerable time spent in small-group learning, we look for students interested in collegial relationships with peers and faculty. Lastly, we want our students to enjoy a full, rich life while they are here at medical school, so we are attracted to candidates who have a variety of interests in addition to medicine."

Beth Piraino, MD, Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Pitt Med Promise - We intend for University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine students to be successful. This intention comes from a long tradition.

Pitt Med Student Ambassadors

Wonder what it’s like to be a Pitt Med student? Follow the journey of 6 medical students at the University of Pittsburgh as they share their experiences in the field of medicine and living in Pittsburgh. The Pitt Med Student Ambassadors have both Facebook (Pitt Med Students) and Instagram (pittmed_students) to show you what it’s really like to be a medical student at the University of Pittsburgh ~ follow along, ask questions, and learn about the day to day life of a University of Pittsburgh Medical Student. Some of the current “themes” the ambassadors have been posting are: student research spotlights, #WhyPittMed (why current students chose Pitt), faculty spotlights.

Pitt Med Student Profiles

Zainab Balogun, Class of 2024

"What I love and appreciate about Pitt Med is that people here are willing to help." Read more about Zainab's life at Pitt Med.

Nia Buckner, Class of 2024

"The Pitt Medicine community is innovative, ambitious, and collaborative." Read more about Nia's life at Pitt Med.

James Duehr, Class of 2023

"I chose PittMed most of all because of the excellent clinical training." Read more about James's life at Pitt Med.

Samantha Saloom, Class of 2024

"The Pitt Med community is extremely supportive and always working hard to make Pitt Med the best it can be." Read more about Samantha's life at Pitt Med.

Nikhil Sharma, Class of 2024

"The Pitt Med community is full of super welcoming, extremely cohesive, and truly inspiring individuals." Read more about Nikhil's life at Pitt Med.