Letters of Recommendation

The letters of recommendation are extremely important for assessing the personal competencies that are importantly considered by the UPSOM Admissions Committee. We require three recommendations at a minimum or a committee letter (5 letters maximum). The committee letter should be buttressed with individual letters of recommendation. We prefer three letters of recommendation from professors or important mentors (such as research mentors). The best are letters from those who know the applicant well and can comment on the above competencies. Supplemental recommendations from the supervisors or peers of extracurricular activities or work positions are encouraged as well.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine participates with the letter system provided by AMCAS. All letters of recommendation should be sent directly to AMCAS. For additional assistance please visit AMCAS Letters or call AMCAS directly at 202-828-0600.

If your letters are being transmitted by your undergraduate advising office, it is possible that the advising office is using VirtualEvals. Once your letters are posted to VirtualEvals, they will be downloaded by AMCAS and made available to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. If you have a question about whether or not your advising office uses VirtualEvals, please contact your undergraduate advising office.