When to Apply


Students should apply during the admission cycle for the year they plan to matriculate. Please review the current admissions cycle timeline for important dates and deadlines.

Admission Decisions

UPSOM does not have a rolling admissions policy. All admissions decisions are sent out via US Postal Service, and applicants receive an email notice alerting them to login to the medical school admissions portal to view the actual decision. UPSOM releases decisions on a single date for that particular admissions cycle and candidates are either accepted, not accepted, or waitlisted. Under no circumstances will decision information be released by telephone. Please review the current admissions cycle timeline for the decision date.


If you previously applied to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine but were declined admission, and you want to reapply, you must submit a new AMCAS application, updated references, and resubmit your transcripts to AMCAS. You are also expected to demonstrate how your qualifications have been strengthened during this period.

Early Decision Program

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine offers an Early Decision Program (EDP). This program is intended for those applicants who are sure that the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is their first and only choice when pursuing their medical education. 

Please review our Early Decision web page for more information about applying early decision.

International Applications

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine will welcome applications from all qualified individuals, regardless of citizenship status for our MD program. International applicants must meet all requirements of applicants who are United States citizens, permanent residents or asylees. These requirements mandate at least one year of higher education within the United States or Canada and completion of all pre-requisite courses as listed on the website. Proficiency in written and spoken English is required.

Please review the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine International Medical Student Application Process Policy for detailed requirements and instructions for the application process.