Financial Aid Overview

Our office is a combined Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, so there is a continuity of interaction between our staff and you.

We take great pride in getting to know you personally, and we do our best to be sensitive to your financial situation. We will sit down with you one-on-one, help you arrange financing—not just for your first year, but for four years. We will also provide ongoing debt counseling to help you manage your financial obligations as well as plan for your future residency and successful career beyond. Ultimately, securing the funds you need to finance your education is your responsibility, and we understand it can be a lot of work. But, don’t be daunted. If you show us that you have the potential and determination to become a physician, we will go to extraordinary lengths to help you overcome your financial obstacles.

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Cost of Attendance

Review estimated first year expenses and the Cost of Attendance for all four years. 

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Understand eligibility requirements for various types of financial aid. 

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See the financial aid and financial literacy resources available to Pitt Med students.

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Financial Aid Application

Learn how to apply for federal and institutional aid.

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Types of Aid

View institutional and external financial aid opportunities for Pitt Med students.

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Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common financial aid questions.