Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has an open door policy. Please ask any questions you have concerning financial aid and assistance programs.  Below is a listing of frequently asked questions which you may find useful.

What is the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine's federal code for FAFSA filing?

How do I file the FAFSA?
Complete the FAFSA electronically (remember to include the UPSOM federal code E00516).

Where can I obtain a credit history?
Choose one of the three credit bureaus on to obtain a free copy of your credit report.

When will financial aid be disbursed?
MS3 and MS4 aid disburses late-July and early-January
MS1 and MS2 aid disburses mid-August and early-January

What forms are needed to apply for financial aid?
Incoming Students interested in Federal student loans and institutional need-based resources:

  • FAFSA– Free Application for Federal Student Aid (School Code: E00516)
  • College Board CSS Profile Supplemental Application
  • Signed Student (and Spouse) 2019 Federal Income Tax Return(s) – or Non-Filer Tax Statement
  • Student (and Spouse) 2019 W2s
  • Signed Parent(s) 2019 Federal Income Tax Return(s) – or Non-Filer Tax Statement
  • Parent(s) 2019 W2s
  • Proof of any untaxed income for student and/or parent if applicable – such as foreign income, Social Security benefits, unemployment compensation, etc.)
  • Sibling/Spouse Enrollment Verification Form

Current Medical Students:.

  • FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid (School Code: E00516)
  • See flowchart for instructions if using aid for the first time or seeking reconsideration

How are loans disbursed?
After you have submitted your award letter to indicate your borrowing preference and completed the action steps outlined in the initial award letter email, our office can begin processing your financial aid. First-year students can expect your financial aid to disburse during orientation week. Until disbursement, your financial aid will appear on your Student Account as Anticipated Aid. Anticipated Aid reduces the amount the student owes until the aid actually disburses and applies to the account. Refunds at Pitt are issued via paper check or eRefund. eRefund is the quickest method to receive funds, so we recommend signing up for eRefunds if you have not done so already in PittPAY. Students using eRefunds can expect their refund to be available during the first week of class.

What are the application deadlines for federal and institutional financial assistance?
March 15, 2021 is our priority deadline for 2021-22. Students admitted after March 15th have two (2) weeks to complete their application.

Is there a deadline to pay tuition and fees?
Medical students are billed in two installments each academic year, once for the Fall term in July and again for the Spring term in December. Notifications at Pitt are sent electronically to your email address. Due dates can be found by clicking here. Students may view and pay their tuition bill electronically via PittPAY. Questions regarding payment may be directed to the Student Payment Center.

What are common mistakes encountered in the application process?

  • Not including the UPSOM federal code on the FAFSA
  • Submitting the FAFSA for the incorrect academic year
  • Submitting an incomplete financial aid application
  • Not having the required signatures on the application documents or tax returns
  • Missing the application deadline

I have previous educational loans. Will these loans be deferred automatically?
If you have federal student loans, no action is required as the University’s Registrar’s Office reports enrollment each month. If you have private or institutional loans from another school you will want to contact the servicer to inquire what processes need to be completed.

How much debt will I accumulate by graduation?
The average indebtedness for the graduating medical school class of 2019 (not including pre-matriculation debt) was $175,000 (National average $193,000 public & $215,000 private).   All students are encouraged to budget realistically and borrow responsibly in order to minimize the amount of debt they incur.

Where can I find more information about financial aid?
Please visit the AAMC web site for additional information about the navigating the medical school financial aid process:

How much and what kind of aid can I get?
Students are eligible to receive up to the full amount of the Cost of Attendance in some form of financial aid. The type of aid that will be available, will depend on the student´s level of need (taking into consideration the parents´ and spouse´s financial information). All students are encouraged to apply for outside scholarship aid, in order to reduce the amount of debt they will incur while attending school.