Types of Scholarships

School of Medicine Need-Based Resources:

Students interested in need-based resources are required to provide both parents information on financial aid applications, from which your contribution will be determined. For these school-administered programs, “financial need” is considered in relation to the need of other applicants and the funding available for the academic year. Institutional resources consist of a limited number of need-based scholarships and need-based, low-interest loans.

Outside Administered Aid:

Every year, a number of foundations and other organizations offer our students scholarships or low-interest loans. The award amounts, and the factors necessary to qualify, vary from year to year. Details on these scholarships and loans are regularly communicated to current students via email and online via SharePoint.

UPSOM Programs:

Some individual programs offer financial support. See https://www.medadmissions.pitt.edu/upsom-programs for details.